church choir1

Our Church Choir

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Come into His presence with singing.”

Singing is an integral part of Christian worship. Words of a song inspire our thoughts and melody and harmony of a song kindle our spirits. Music prepares us for worship, adding meaning to the spoken word, helping us feel closer to God and to each other. Christ Church of South India choir provides a way to worship God through songs, and adds to the overall spiritual experience for a congregation. Our church is blessed with talented singers and instrumentalists who make singing distinctive and very compelling.

Our choir is an instant choice for music lovers and singers and we welcome those who are interested in singing. The greatest reward of being part of the choir however, is the pure joy that one experiences when the body, mind and spirit work in harmony to create that most unique and expressive of all instruments – the singing voice! So offer up your voice to “sing praises to the Lord.”  

men choir

Our Male Voice


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